What is That List?

measurable promotion

from print thru mobile to your web content

get news, events & merchandising
directly into
handspockets, purses and wallets

Download That List

from pocket-sized print…

in print, That List is for reading on the go, at the right size for pockets, purses and wallets.

and it’s a perfect size for the office noticeboard,
for sticking to the fridge,
and for quick reading with a coffee.

…thru the free app…

with the That List mobile app, folks reading That List can
get the news, info about your event, or directly to online sales-points for your merchandise.

That List puts your info directly into the hands of an interested customer.

…to your web content

the info we push customers to remains yours – That List provides the conduit,
using a low-cost format and method

and it’s all measurable.